The COFFI collaboration is composed of researchers from around the world, and is open to any researcher working in the field of fatigue following infection. Currently, the collaborative comprises the following Principal Investigators:

Professor Ben Katz, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA

Professor Andrew Lloyd, UNSW, Australia

Gabrielle Murphy, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Professor Vegard Bruun Wyller, University of Oslo, Norway

Professor Esther Crawley, University of Bristol, UK

Associate Professor Ute Vollmer-Conna, UNSW, Australia

Dr Knut-Arne Wensaas, University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Rona Moss-Morris, King’s College London, UK

Dr Jeannine Hautvast, Radboud UMC, NL

Professor Paul Little, University of Southampton, UK

Professor Renée Taylor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Professor Dedra Buchwald, University of Washington, USA

Dr Chantal Bleeker-Rovers, Radboud UMC, NL

Dr Simon Collin, University of Bristol, UK

Professor Peter White, Queen Mary University of London, UK