COVID-19 and Chronic Fatigue

The COVID epidemic has brought Chronic Fatigue into the forefront of post-infection news. Patients who have suffered from the new virus have reported symptoms of CFS/ME after they have recovered from the main infection. Newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Telegraph and New Scientist have become interested in the potential link, and have been providing coverage.

Researchers are also very interested in the experience of the post-COVID patients. A recent pre-paper (Qi et al, 2020) outlined findings indicating that stigmatisation was a major issue with survivors, especially women. Chronic fatigue was also noted in 53.6% of patients, indicating that CFS may be one of the main ongoing risks of the virus.

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue symptoms due to COVID-19 infection, your family doctor may be able to assist you. If you would like to read more information about CFS/ME, more information can be found on our Research page.